Angular 2+ — Mastering Google’s Front-end framework

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This book is an introduction to using Angular as a front-end framework. Given the knowledge acquired in this book one is able to then create their own User Interfaces with Angular. It was assumed one had the acquired knowledge of being able to do HTML; CSS or JavaScript. Prior experience with JavaScript is recommended in order for one to be able to understand Learning TypeScript.

  • Note an extensive amount of Angular Universal is explained in this book. Angular Universal is an add-on to the Angular CLI that allows one to prerender and use server-side rendering with their application. This allows the contents of the Angular Application to be indexed by the Search Engine. This means you may be eligible for web traffic in about 6 months on some occasions. My blog took this long in order to be able to be indexed. But once it was indexed I received a good amount of traffic all things considered. Other topics covered: Typescript/ JavaScript Differences.

Now for an excerpt from the opening chapter:

When I was first studying Angular: I was more accustomed to the formality-less nature of jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript. If I am being honest, starting to learn Angular scared me because of the complex nature of the Framework. I found learning other frameworks such as Vue or React to be easier: mostly due to the fact that learning TypeScript is difficult. Through learning Angular’s complex ways: I am now able to call myself an Angular Developer. Though such topics such as Reactive Forms in Angular or using the HTTP Client Module in Angular can be challenging to learn: I believe you will be able to create your own Blog or project after reading this book.

There are many interesting features of Angular 2+: including the fact that it has its own Command Line Interface and Http Client Module. This allows for swift component creation and other features are enabled when using the CLI. I believe learning Angular boils down to learning a few different functional components of the Angular project setup and CLI. From learning how to generate a project with the CLI to being able to create services and interfaces: the Angular CLI allows for all of these things. To read more please read the book!

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