Are you interesting in creating serverless cloud functions that allow one to:

If the answer to any of these questions is yes: you need to keep listening. Because I am about to deliver a podcast based upon this topic.

Using the Serverless framework one is able to create these cloud functions such as one would be able to in Google’s Firebase or MongoDB’s Realm. …

On Indexing Angular Applications In The Search Engine — How to use Angular Universal

Would you like to to index your Angular Applications in Google or Bing?

Behold: A course…

Find the book here:

This book is an introduction to using Angular as a front-end framework. Given the knowledge acquired in this book one is able to then create their own User Interfaces with Angular. It was assumed one had the acquired knowledge of being able to do HTML; CSS or JavaScript. Prior experience with JavaScript is recommended in order for one to be able to understand Learning TypeScript.

  • Note an extensive amount of Angular Universal is explained in this book. Angular Universal is an add-on to the Angular CLI that allows one to prerender and use server-side rendering…

Angular 2+ has never been easier to read!

Check it out here.

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A lot of great coding projects include a User Authentication System. Think about it: can you name a great software application that does not include one?

For this article I will be implementing a User Authentication System in Nodejs with express.js; Mongoose as the ODM and Bycrypt for the password hashing. It will also include MongoDB as the Database and Angular 10 as the front-end-framework.

Let’s Get Started!

Step One: The Front End

For the beginning part I will be laying out the front-end: which will consist a form with email and password inputs. It will also include buttons for logging in and signing up…

CRUD: it’s an entry level acronym that means: CREATE; READ; UPDATE and DELETE. It is used in Database terms to signify the four HTTP REST Methods. Basically: any HTTP request in Software Engineering will be one of these four methods (one exception: there is also PATCH; which is basically the same method as PUT).

Again: here are the four HTTP Methods and their purpose:

  • GET: Used in data retrieval from the client to the server.
  • POST: Used in adding new data to the database.
  • PUT: Used in updating existing information.
  • DELETE: As you guessed it: delete is used to delete…

Our end product (haha!).

Typescript is great. It compiles to JavaScript with the Typescript command line tool: of which can be installed with npm. As follows:

npm i typescript -g

From there one can compile Typescript into JavaScript after declaring the build folder in the tscconfig.json file. This is as simple as crossing off the comments and writing “build” in the output folder inside the compilerOptions, called the “outDir”.

"outDir": "./build"

This can be created by the Typescript command line tool. To build a server in typescript one needs to use npm to initalize it as a node.js project.

npm init -y

Inside of…

Angular Universal

Angular 11 has many advantages. One of which being the ability to make Angular (a front end framework): into a Full Stack Framework with the Angular CLI and Server Side Rendering. This allows there to be an Node and Express project to be inside your of your Angular Project.

Doing this allows for there to be a server on in the Angular project. This is useful when using databases and REST APIs (or WebSockets). Simply speaking: this allows data to be stored. In this case well be storing the data on an Node server in Typescript.

So now there exist…

Javascript News - Learn Full Stack JS!

These articles pertain to Full Stack Development. Find Angular 2+ book here:

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